The NEW R5 Travel Agency


The NEW R5 Travel Agency
Roving Roof Revision Request Robot
Imagine your Paradise…. Your Dream is your Reality

A small gallery/office space equipped with a desk and chairs, signage, computing, imaging and printing equipment set up to establish the flavor of a full service travel agency for changing the world, from above. Agents will be available to assist customers while busy working on computers, telephones and printers. 

When the agency office is open one of the agents:, or will be available either in person or via the internet from the roof of the Mattress Factory with either a clipboard and/or a laptop to entertain the customer/viewer’s Revision Requests. Viewers will be asked to go and/or be escorted to a location via Google Earth whereupon they can request to revise a rooftop by imaging it from a ‘menu’ of sustainable components including: 

• Living roof strategies; intensive, extensive or modular green roof systems planted with sedums, perennials, prairie grasses, food crops and kitchen herb gardens, fruit tree orchards and/or a forest ecosystem.
• Renewable resource strategies: photo voltaic systems; wind turbines; water wheels, water retention tanks and irrigation systems.
• Any other imaginative addition to a rooftop plane– that a customer may desire.


The plan is to engage viewers in a conversation not only about the possibilities of sustainable systems but also the new perspective and ability we currently have to view the world from above….and perhaps change it…..and therefore improve it for the birds and all the rest of the critters; two leggeds, four leggeds and more.


Other Projects

Public Art

  1. Living Waters of Larimer, 2012-2016
  2. Permaculture Orchard, 2011
  3. One Mile Garden, 2008—present
  4. WeGrow, 2004-2006
  5. Listen to the South Side, 2000-2004
  6. Nine Mile Run Greenway Project, 1996-2000
  7. Urban Semi-Wilderness Area, 1994-1998
  8. Barletta’s News, 1994
  9. Commemorative Monument to Native Americans, 1993
  10. Water Rites: A Domestic Arrangement, 1991
  11. Monument to the Fall of the Television Evangelists, 1988


  1. Still Life #9
  2. The NEW R5 Travel Agency, 2008
  3. Following in My Father’s Footsteps, 2003
  4. An Island For 2 Axe Heads, A String..., 1996
  5. Eco-Mobile Home/Office Entertainment System, 1993
  6. The Persian Gulf Bowl, 1992
  7. As We Turn with the World, 1991
  8. It’s Always Greener on the Greener side, OR..., 1990
  9. The Pantheozone: Temple To The Ozone, 1989


  1. Google Earth Camouflage, A Revision Request, An Ecoart..., 2008
  2. One Tree EcoArt Proposal, 2007
  3. Greening the Andy Warhol Museum: It’s for the..., 2007
  4. 3 Sisters Garden, 2003
  5. Ecotone: A Public Art Proposal for the David..., 2002
  6. Greening Purnell: Site-Specific Sculpture Proposal to Integrate Nature..., 2000