Still Life #9

What If When We Die The Light At The End Of The Tunnel We See Is Just Us Being Pushed Out of Another Vagina?

How Can We Return to Mother Earth, The Womb, When She Is Parched, Dehydrated, Without Fluids And Life Force?


Mixed Media Installation, 50’ X 25’ X 11.5’


Ways of thinking about humankind’s existence on this planet, its experiences and its spirituality, all subject to the relentless march of time____ Bill Viola

Us humans spend most of our lives—surviving—by making sure that we are living life to the fullest.—Or do we?—We grow, we learn to survive and hopefully prosper; we learn skills, gain knowledge, have experiences that form who we are. We strive to succeed at the things we do: work hard to make friends, grow careers, make homes, form communities to provide for and help others. We seek leisure and some of us desire families, so we procreate to continue our legacy. This involves nurturing others and passing along oral and written histories of those before us.

On the one hand this artwork is specifically an homage to my father’s passing. It speaks to aging, death and dying—returning to the womb—to mother earth. Wondering when/where we go—to the ‘other side.’

On the other hand my intention is to create a tone, an environment in which to contemplate and question what is happening to the planet due to us humans causing climate change and wondering how we will all survive, and how long the planet can possibly sustain life as we know it?


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