Living Waters of Larimer


Living Waters of Larimer (LWOL) is a community development project to demonstrate how ‘Green Infrastructure’ can be integrated into the cultural life, urban spaces, and economic systems of the Larimer community in East End of Pittsburgh, PA. Initially the project began as a collaborative team of two environmental artists: Betsy Damon and Bob Bingham working in conjunction with the Larimer Green Team, the Larimer Consensus Group and the Kingsley Association. The core team grew to include Christine Mondor, architect; Ian Lipsky, hydrologist/engineer; Matt Graham, LandBased Systems; and John Stephen, environmental attorney.

The LWOL project advocates for community open space that is brought to life with rainwater infrastructure. As an interdisciplinary team of artists, architects, engineers, policy people and neighborhood residents we catalyzed a conversation with homeowners, business owners, developers, organizations and government agencies in “water first planning to support the Larimer Vision-to–action-plan. Over a four-year period, we provided a structure of meetings, discussions, workshops and tours to educate and advocate for high quality placemaking.

Negley Run Was Here , Walking Tour 1


Negley Run Was Here, Walking Tour 2


LWOL Workshop 8.20.2014


Living Waters of Larimer January 2015 Community Flow Workshop


Larimer History with Tony Maniero


Living Waters of Pittsburgh site

Other Projects

Public Art

  1. Living Waters of Larimer, 2012-2016
  2. Permaculture Orchard, 2011
  3. One Mile Garden, 2008—present
  4. WeGrow, 2004-2006
  5. Listen to the South Side, 2000-2004
  6. Nine Mile Run Greenway Project, 1996-2000
  7. Urban Semi-Wilderness Area, 1994-1998
  8. Barletta’s News, 1994
  9. Commemorative Monument to Native Americans, 1993
  10. Water Rites: A Domestic Arrangement, 1991
  11. Monument to the Fall of the Television Evangelists, 1988


  1. Still Life #9
  2. The NEW R5 Travel Agency, 2008
  3. Following in My Father’s Footsteps, 2003
  4. An Island For 2 Axe Heads, A String..., 1996
  5. Eco-Mobile Home/Office Entertainment System, 1993
  6. The Persian Gulf Bowl, 1992
  7. As We Turn with the World, 1991
  8. It’s Always Greener on the Greener side, OR..., 1990
  9. The Pantheozone: Temple To The Ozone, 1989


  1. Google Earth Camouflage, A Revision Request, An Ecoart..., 2008
  2. One Tree EcoArt Proposal, 2007
  3. Greening the Andy Warhol Museum: It’s for the..., 2007
  4. 3 Sisters Garden, 2003
  5. Ecotone: A Public Art Proposal for the David..., 2002
  6. Greening Purnell: Site-Specific Sculpture Proposal to Integrate Nature..., 2000